No need to “downsize” and sell your home, furniture and things you have grown to cherish through the years.

Own Home Benefits

  • Allows the individual to keep his or her pets
  • Lives in his or her own home and feel secure
  • Retains access to places of worship, activities and volunteer work he or she enjoys
  • Allows families to live near one another
  • Continues to enjoy the private, quiet comfort of his or her home
  • Terminally ill and wants to spend remaining time in dignity at home

Professional Services

  • Professional, trained and supervised caregivers
  • Decrease hospitalizations
  • Assistance with medication management, appointment scheduling and lab work
  • Referral to more advanced medical treatment if necessary
  • Regular evaluation by a team of caregivers, schedulers and nurses
  • Therapy


  • Provides dignity and independence
  • Allows maximum freedom, comfort and privacy
  • Retain control over his or her finances and assistance if needed
  • Assist in setting up transportation
  • Social interaction for your loved ones
  • Maintaining independence for as long as safely possible


  • Tailored care to the individual and family needs
  • Updates to patient’s family on progress if requested
  • Personal touch

Medical Conditions

  • May require short-term assistance at home because of outpatient surgery
  • Congestive heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Muscular, nervous or respiratory disorders

Cost Savings

  • Home health care versus nursing facilities
  • Economically, usually a better decision to stay at home with customized, private care services