Rehab Nursing Home to Your Home!

We know you want to return to your daily routine after a discharge from a rehab nursing home, whether you had a medical procedure, surgery or illness. Our caring staff is specially trained to help you adjust back into your lifestyle. After a surgical procedure or major illness, coming home to personal responsibilities while getting back on your feet can be an overwhelming experience. It also may be difficult to be compliant with the many prescribed physicians’ orders when you are discharged. Let us help you do what the doctor orders while you recover.

Our caregivers specialize in helping our clients adjust after receiving rehab nursing home care. They assist as you ease back into your daily routine. We think about the things you might not have considered, helping you manage the emotional, physical, social, and intellectual aspects of recovery. The chances of being readmitted to a hospital or facility after a procedure go down significantly with proper attention and care.

Our caregivers are trained to encourage your active recovery while promoting compliance with your prescribed rehabilitation program. Our caregiver training and education programs continually broaden the skills and knowledge base of our caregivers.

Nursing Care Services

  • Full Medical Services of Traditional Home Health
    • For treatments such as wound care, high-tech infusion, cardiac rehab, medication management, Foley care, diabetic management, skilled observation and assessment, and many other nursing procedures. Services rendered by registered nurses and licensed practical nurses consistent with a treatment plan established by the patient’s attending physician.
  • Physical Therapy Services
    • Work with you to regain physical function and improve range of motion, gait training, use of wheelchairs, walkers, artificial limbs and pain control.
  • Occupational Therapy Services
    • Assist you in learning how to better perform activities of daily living. Activities may include eating, bathing, grooming, dressing and toileting to promote independence.
  • Speech Pathology Services
    • Provide an effective speech program assisting patients in learning to better use and comprehend language. Enhanced written, spoken, and nonverbal communication helps patients gain greater independence and improved quality of life.
  • Medical Social Services
    • Assist you in solving problems that may arise through illness, including social, financial and transportation problems. Our staff is familiar with a vast number of community resources to aid persons in need.
  • Home Health Aide Services
    • Home health aides are tested and trained. They provide hands-on personal care assistance, light housekeeping duties, meal preparation and errands to assist you.